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Other projects that I've worked on. I love creating graphics and images.

illustration and logo of Posterist in the World 2022.

Justice for None!

Illustration / Poster

The Peruvian Association of Design (Asociación Peruana de Diseño) called for posters all over the world and selected 150 participants for the exhibition Posterist in the World 2022. My poster, Justice for None!, was selected for the exhibition.

Poster being displayed at the Cusco Museum, Peru.
Event Certificate, Poster selected.

The exhibition took place in Cusco, Peru, between August 19th and August 31st, 2022. At that time I was starting my job at the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce and couldn’t go, unfortunately. Hopefully, another time.

Illustration in the cover of a notebook.

Colombia experienced excessive cases of police abuse during the National Strike in April 2021. Colombians marched asking for help during the COVID-19 pandemic but received violence, abuse, and indifference instead. Justice for none speaks on my behalf as a Colombian in a foreign country. Information obtain by Temblores.org

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