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Editorial and Layout

Used graphics, fonts, and space to display information easy to read and understand.

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Big Me

Editorial and Printing.

A self publication launched in 2022. During the pandemic, I planned, wrote, and designed a book about how to stay connected with family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, and everyone around us to promote good health to people and ourselves.

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Creating a unique feeling through colour and communicating my experience using typography/fonts were important factors while planning and designing the book. As a self-publication, I used colour and text to share my thoughts to help others feel welcomed and be ready for a new better day.

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To better convey the message, using my illustration skills helped me to create better visual representations for the readers, creating a better and deeper engagement.

poster promoting the book Big Me

Poster were part of the strategy to promote the launching of the book. At the lauch event, the poster worked as a signage to let attendees know where to go, grab the book, and a signature from the autor.

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Carlos Potes coded the website in 2022 using HTML, CSS, and Java Script.

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